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Jaisalmer Wildlife Reserves

Jaisalmer Wildlife Reserves
Are you a Nature Person? If you are then with us you can take enjoy with our Jaisalmer Wildlife Reserves tour. With this fascinating tour, you can enjoy a glimpse into the fascinating, bustling and seemingly passive desert world. Enjoy real adventure tours to an arid habitat, full of wild animals that roam freely in the midst of desert scrubs, craggy rock terrain and tiny wetlands.

With us, take a tour to the two most popularly frequented Jaisalmer wildlife reserves namely 'Desert National Park' and the 'Akal Wood Fossil Park'. Visit these places and witness wild animals like the desert fox, monitor lizard, caracal, great Indian bustard, porcupines, wild boars and gavials. You are also likely to spot rare birds during your Jaisalmer wildlife reserve tours with us. It's your time to discover royal Jaisalmer in style. You may hire a jeep and drive past desert trails and see in wonderment as a sand cloud forms itself behind you with the vast scrub forests spreading out in front of you. Click some amazing pictures and make your journey even more exciting.

Watch another side of Mother Nature. Discover the magical miracles on your Jaisalmer wildlife reserve tours. Look at the amazing and fascinating ways of living of the desert animals. Watch how these animals have evolved over the centuries and have developed natural defenses against predators. If you gaze long enough into the desert scrub expanse, you'll suddenly realize, to your amazement that an ochre yellow rock is actually a desert animal. Learn a whole lot of new and interesting facts about the wild animals of Jaisalmer during your tour.

Other Attractions Jaisalmer Wildlife Reserve

Jeep Safari
This enables visitors to explore a wider area of the park in relatively short span of time. Also, it is highly interesting to see the wide range of flora and fauna from the jeep.

This is perhaps the best way to enjoy the wildlife of the park. However, visitors must take into consideration the fragile nature of the park and thus refrain from causing any sort of harm to it.

How to reach Jaisalmer Wildlife Reserve

Air: The Nearest Airport is Jodhpur, 40 Kms away from the park.
Rail: The Nearest Railway station is Jodhpur, 40 Kms away from the park.
Road: Buses are available frequently from Jaisalmer.

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