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Shopping in Jaisalmer

Shopping in Jaisalmer

Are you a shoppaholic? We assure you that your vacation at the fascinating Rajasthan city of Jaisalmer won’t disappoint you. Founded in 1156, the 'Golden City' of Jaisalmer is one place where you can take a glimpse of the ancient age. The city beholds the medieval mystic and charm. Here, at this place you will come across unique shopping experiences. The narrow bazaar lanes are lined up with shops on both sides, offering a wide range of items including irresistibly beautiful handicraft items.

Shopping in Jaisalmer is quite popular for its mirror work embroidered garments. You can indulge in buying attractive and colourful carpets, blankets and shawls, woolen pattu, carpets made from camel hair, tapestry, oil lamps, finely cut antiques, old stonework, silver jewellery and silk and cotton textiles. Also have a look and buy good quality wooden items like wooden boxes, trinkets, souvenirs and curios are also worth buying in Jaisalmer.

The main areas that you should not miss out while shopping in Jaisalmer are Sadar Bazaar, Sonaron Ka Bas, Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazaar, Gandhi Darshan, Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad, Khadi Gramyodyog Bhawan (Seema Gram) and Rajasthali - the Govt. shop, selling handicrafts.

Moreover, within the Jaisalmer Fort complex you will come across big shop 'Light of the East', which sells crystals and rare mineral specimen, including Zeolite. Adjoining, the Fort is Manak Chowk, the main market place of Jaisalmer. Known for bargaining, the market offers a variety of local handicraft items.

You should also visit the Zila Khadi Gramodan Parishad while shopping in Jaisalmer where you will find excellent range of carpets, shawls and garments in silk, wool and cotton including woolen bandhani, (tie-dyed) shawls. Add a little spice to your tour. Pamper yourself with shopping in Jaisalmer.

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