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Hotels Bera Road Jaisalmer

This fascinating place in Jaisalmer is also a destination which you should not miss out. Here at Bera Road, Jaisalmer you will come across wide variety of hotels which will satisfy your need for a comfortable stay. With the sand city of Rajasthan, one can expect to spend a memorable vacation amidst the golden stretch of sand and the drier side of nature. With ancient monuments, mesmerizing forts and breath taking architectural grandeur you will definitely have a fantastic time, here at Jaisalmer. Given below is the list of hotels in Bera Road, Jaisalmer:

Fifu Guest House
This fascinating Hotel is located at the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer. Fifu Guest House has a wonderful view of the Jaisalmer Fort and Gadisar Lake. The Hotel is managed and owned by two brothers Mr. Fifu and Mr. Jitu. Here at this hotel, you can enjoy the fantastic heritage design of an old sand stone haveli of 900 years old Jaisalmer City. Moreover, the hotel is situated in an ideal, quite and in a non polluted location. It is 10 minute walking distance from Jaisalmer Fort.

Golden Haveli
The Hotel Golden Haveli is a 2-Star property that will provide you with an excellent time at the enchanting city of Jaisalmer. This fascinating and comfortable accommodation brings to you a warm hospitality, personalized services and all modern facilities that is required for a perfect stay. Hotel Golden Haveli is on the outskirts of Jaisalmer in an area just behind Gadasar Lake, and it has beautiful views overlooking the city and the countryside.

Krishna Haveli
Hotel Krishna haveli is another hotel in Bera Road Jaisalmer, which is designed like castle. The hotel is built from Jurassic yellow send stone. Here you can also enjoy at the roof-top restaurant with wonderful view of the famous Golden Fort named Sonar Killa. Here at this hotel you can marvel at the elegantly appointed and spacious rooms. Each room is Test fully designed to meet the basic comforts and necessity of guest. The interior are carefully chosen to provide a relaxing atmosphere with a perfect ambience to relive the stress of a wary tourist or a hard working business traveler.

Vresorts - Jasmin Haveli
Hotel Jasmin Haveli is a traditional mansion constructed in Jaisalmer sandstone. Here at this Haveli you can enjoy the homely environ and the beautifully appointed rooms that are furnished with Rajasthani textiles and furnishings. It also offers excellent hospitality services and fine dining facilities. Hotel Jasmin Haveli at Bera Road Jaisalmer is a cozy and welcoming place where one can enjoy a memorable stay in Jaisalmer.


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