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History of Jaisalmer

History of Jaisalmer
To know a travel destination, you should first have a look at the history of that place. This makes your tour ever more interesting. We bring to you amazing history of Jaisalmer which dates back to the medieval period when the golden city was founded by the Rajput chief Jaisala. This fascinating city was established in the year 1156 atop the Trikut hill by the Maharaja to prevent the possible encroachment of enemies. You will be interested to know that during the medieval times, Jaisalmer continued to be on the focus of the masses because of its location. Since it was located in between the way of one of the two routes, which connected India from Persia, Egypt, Africa and the west this was well known by every traveler.

As you look at the history of Jaisalmer, you will see that the city holds quite a lot of amazing facts. Legend has it that the city was established by Jaisala on the behest of the hermit, Eesaal. The beautiful city gradually started growing in the medieval period and amassed great wealth from the caravans that traversed the region. In the 13th and the 14th century the rulers of the city who were referred to as the Rawals, engulfed in a nine year war with the Turk Afghan ruler, Ala-ud-din Khilji. The Rajputs were defeated in the battle and had since then maintained a cordial relationship with the Delhi Sultanate. Sabala Simha was later awarded the royal patronage of the city by Shah Jahan after his chivalrous contribution in the Battle of Peshawar.

As you look into the modern history of Jaisalmer you will see that it includes its ties with the British Empire. Jaisalmer joined the Union of India after the country gained independence. The hereditary bards, carans and the bhaals sing ballads of the chivalrous rulers of the city. Jaisalmer lost its economic importance after the establishment of the port city of Mumbai. After partition of the country, it also lost the trade routes that passed through Pakistan. However, today it is one of the major tourist destinations in the country of India with all its old charismatic beauty it attracts tourists from all over the world.

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