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Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer Rajasthan

Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India lies in the heart of the localities plus has always been in the good books of the holidaymakers for its artistic structures, historically momentous monuments and striking Jain temples. Extensively known as the “Golden City” of Rajasthan, it makes an appeal to all its voyager friends to come here at least once and explore its awe-inspiring tourist places which are just out of this world. Even the then celebrated Bengali Filmmaker Satyajit Ray also showed Jaisalmer city in his “Sonar Kella” and thus it emerged as the popular hang around in for travelers who want to stretch out in the appealing mix of golden sand and a golden past. However, you will find here a lot of heritage hotels which are decked out so captivatingly that the radiance of their structural designing will steal your heart in no minute.

Basically, these heritage hotels in Jaisalmer are splendid mansions belonging either to then stately families or to the important ministers, to the dewans or post holders in the noble court. Some of Jaisalmer’s Heritage hotels were formed much soon after in time and reveal a mind-blowing European architectural influences. The moment one enters into his chosen heritage hotel in Jaisalmer located in Jaisalmer city, he /she will be welcomed in the typical Rajasthani style. The rooms of this category of hotels are always elegantly designed and festooned with murals and are completely fitted with all the hottest room amenities. Moreover, you can also taste the luscious delicacies specially prepared by the experienced chef of the heritage hotel that vary from Chinese to Continental to some other vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Moreover, you can take pleasure in the taste of exotic wines. Last of all, your evenings here will be garlanded with the live performances of local artistes who are known for signing folk music and dance.

Staying in Jaisalmer city’s Heritage hotels in Jaisalmer, India will be a fantastic decision at your part as during your stay, you will be exposed to various challenging activities such as village and camel safari. So, when are you making your next trip to Jaisalmer?

Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer
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