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Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Looking for some excitement and thrill? We bring to you amazing break at the Desert Camps in Jaisalmer and you have a wonderful time of your life. The desert area of Jaisalmer provide several days of ideal camping opportunities amidst the desolate sand dunes. At the desert camps in Jaisalmer you can discover the real essence of India in its remote interiors, away from the pandemonium of the commercialized towns and cities. Let the burning sands in blistering daytime and the chill flakes in night give you an amazing vacation experience.

The best part is that as you book into one of the desert camp in Jaisalmer you can avail all the necessity and luxury amenities that you need for a perfect stay. Enjoy the modern comforts at its best. As you book your stay at any of the camps, gaily decorated camels will carry you to the camping sites. Marvel at the spectacularly beautiful dunes that stretch out into the horizon as undulating mountains of sand. Enjoy a walk along the parched bushes and explore the mystery of sands underneath your feet. The most fascinating part that you should notice is that the Spartan sands keep changing color and the dunes keep shifting every day giving a feel of an artist who is indulged in creating a masterpiece on the brown barren canvas of the Thar. Each and every Desert Camp in Jaisalmer will give you a mesmerizing experience indeed.

Even in the evening you can enjoy a wonderful time at the Desert Camps in Jaisalmer. Enjoy the primeval energy of the Arabian Nights blended in the atmosphere with the flames of bonfire and lyrical movements of the dancers, dressed in their traditional ‘gaghra-choli’, pulsating on the rhythms of the shrill folk songs. With the increasing beats of the drums, the dancers whirl faster and faster around the bonfire, just an aesthetic sight that has to be seen to be believed. As the evening progresses, dinner is served in the traditional Indian seating arrangement. Two major desert camps in Jaisalmer are Mirvana Nature Resort and The Serai. Book your stay at any of the camps and take back home wonderful memories of your vacation.

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