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Bada Baga / Bagh Road Jaisalmer

Bada Baga/Bagh Road is one of Jaisalmer's famous tourist attractions. A tour here will let you enjoy the pleasant blend of historical monuments, lush green gardens and ancient remnants. Bada Bagh Road is located on the Ramgarh Road. The name of the place stands for 'Big Garden'. This place was commissioned by Maharawal Jait Singh in the early 16th century and after his demise, the work was completed by his son Lunakaran.

A tour to Jaisalmer would be incomplete, if you did not visit this part of the city. Here you can enjoy the fascinating different things in a garden, a tank and a dam. Have a glimpse of the Govardhan Stambh (Govardhan pillar), located nearby. You would be interested to know that the completion of nearby Dam and tank work led to the decision about building a memorabilia for the accomplishment which led to the erection of Govardhan Tower. These Dam and Tank are frequented in large numbers by visitors. They are named after Jalit Bandh and Jait Sar. The Jait Bandh Dam is a huge structure stretching to 1,200 feet in length and 350 feet in width. The architecture will definitely grab your attention with its uniqueness. The amazing fact is that it has been built out of solid stone blocks. Moreover, the water tank Jalit Sar too is composed of the same material. These two are the major attractions of Bada Baga/Bagh Road, Jaisalmer.

This is not all! Apart from the Tower, Dam and tank, the other attraction of Bada bagh road are the historical cenotaphs. Visit these attractions and have a peep into the past era. The amazing fact is that these cenotaphs were dedicated to various Bhatti rulers and are locally known as 'Chattris'. The oldest ones dated back to 15th century and were erected in honor of Maharawal Jait Singh Ji (1470-1506). Almost four and a half centuries later, the tradition saw its end in 1947 when one of the princes died of a mysterious disease.

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